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Bed linens, curtains, cushions, duvet covers, comforters, upholstery fabric.



Teotex is a textile design & manufacturing company that serves hotels and hospitality industry for their textile contractor needs. Company's focus is not only manufacturing but also helping hotels for the design process. Teotex have their own interior designers to create all kinds of textile design. So Teotex can help you make your hotel renovation or new hotel room interior ideas to come true from design to manufacturing process. If your hotel has a custom design, Teotex has ability to create custom textile designs to match your design.

Hotel Room Textiles

Teotex has ability to desing and manufacture variety of textile products in any shape: from cushions for couches or pillowcases for the bed, and everything you need for your hotel. Teotex is fast in design and manufacturing so they can make a personalized project fast and on time. While being fast in production, Teotex meet the quality requirements of the hotels.

Custom Design For Your Hotel

You can ask Teotex to make the idea of textile for your new hotel renovation or new hotel project. Teotex has no problem finding the perfect vision for hotel rooms, hotel restaurants, and lobbies. The reason for this is that they provide custom-made products.

Teotex manufactures new personalized patterns, sizes, colors and any new ideas the customer may have. This textile company makes the quality control process to meet client standard. Their team of QC makes the last inspection before they reach the hands of the customer, making sure everything is perfect. Teotex commits to its clients on solutions for their needs.

Custom Design Support for Hotel Textiles

For design, Teotex bring the architectural perception to meet the patterns, colors, and placement of the products. It is the most important part of the process, to achieve the level of design quality. If you have an idea of a specific room, but you don’t know how to bring that idea to reality, Teotex can advice you in this interior design. Doubt is out of the question. Once everything is set up, Teotex work from the conception to the finishing touches. Teotex is hotels’ best contactor for all textile needs of hotels.

High Quality Textile Manufacturing

Craftsmen make every single product unique and personalized. They deliver their best to avoid any last-minute changes and refunds. When the client sees a cushion, bed linen or any other textile, they will see Teotex’s passion on it. Teotex promises the quality of hotel textiles at the highest level even when the client is on a budget.

Aesthetic, Quality, and Budget

Teotex stand for aesthetic, quality and budget for hotel textile design and manufacturing. Teotex offer products for new hotel projects or hotel renovation projects. Teotex works to develop fitting concepts, planning, arrangements, and production for hospitality industry.

How to Get Started Your New Hotel Textile Project?

If the hotel has any inspirational photos or ideas, it will be easy for Teotex to meet the expectations. As long as there’s good communication and the designing line is set, the results will be great!


With the help of 20 years of experienced professional interior designer, we work as a one source for your textile needs. Teotex will provide quality and creativity for amazing and beautiful results.

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