Hotel Room Interior Decoration

Hotel Room Interior Decoration Contract Hotel Textile

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Hotel Room Interior Decoration

Hotel Room Interior Decoration

Teotex Textile is a well-known name for providing textile-based solutions for hotels. Our diligence and creativity puts our products a step ahead of our competitors. Our collaborations with some of the biggest hotels in the world speak for our reputation. We provide stunning interior decoration designs for hotel rooms. We also ensure that we make high quality and durable textiles. Our creative approach towards each of our projects makes our products stand out. Our team is completely involved in each project from designing to installation. We also ensure that our clients are an essential part of our creative process. This ensures that the final product completely fulfills their expectations.

Creative Cushion and Upholstery Fabric Designs

Each element of the hotel room interior, no matter how small a space it occupies, does have an impact on its presentation. It is also important for it to be aesthetically consistent with the other elements of the room. Apart from being comfortable, it is also important for the cushions to blend in with the rest of the room. Teotex Textile ensures the styles match by putting considerate effort in designing the cushions for its clients.

Upholstery is also as important as all the other components of the room. The fabric type and design for the chairs and sofas is also influenced by the visual theme of the room. Our upholstery fabric designs add a touch of class to the furniture as well as the look of the room. Thus we're also fulfilling the required quality standards for the hospitality industry.

Exquisite Bed Linens, Scarves, and Throws

The bed occupies a large space in the room, and is often the deciding factor on which a hotel attracts guests. We offer a wide range of fabric, colors, and designs for the bed linens, duvets, throws, and pillow covers. Our designs will add to the appeal of your beds, and will also provide the utmost comfort to your guests. Our bed coverings match with the tone that you want to set for your guests in your hotel rooms. We also ensure that they are long lasting, keeping in view the frequency with which they are going to be used.

A Variety of Curtain Designs

Curtain designs are also important in setting the overall tone for the guests in terms of the environment. Based on the lighting and the ambience required, we design the most ideal wall covering textiles. The color and fabric choice of our curtains also resonates with the other components of the room. This provides closure to the aesthetic theme of the room.

Custom Designs Based on Your Requirements

Each of our clients has a set of distinct choices, according to which we manufacture the products. We ensure the perfect realization of our clients’ ideas with our custom designs. Our team personifies perfection by going the extra mile to meet the clients’ needs. We take pride in dedicating ourselves to the project from start to finish. This makes Teotex Textile the leading name in textile manufacturing for hotels.

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