Hotel Contract Textiles

Hotel Contract Textiles

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Contractor, subcontractor, manufacturer or designer for hotel textiles projects. So we work as main contractor or manufacturer for hotel room textiles including bed-linens, pillow covers, throws, curtains, and upholstery fabrics. Since 1997, Teotex have built a great reputation for textile projects. Our innovative work has made us one of the leading companies manufacturing textiles.

Hotel Contract Textiles

Teotex Textile is a Turkey-based company which specializes in textile designing and manufacturing. Since 1997, Teotex have built a great reputation for textile projects. Our innovative work has made us one of the leading companies manufacturing textiles. Our hard-working team ensures the best outcome in every textile design & manufacturing contract. Our reputation has led us to collaborate with some of the best hotel chains in the world. Our collaborators also include some prominent retail chains from Europe. We produce a variety of textiles for hotels on contract and subcontract basis. So we work as main contractor or manufacturer for hotel room textiles including bed-linens, pillow covers, throws, curtains, and upholstery fabrics.

An overview on the textile contract work

Teotex has worked in many contract and subcontract projects for hotels. It is important for the hotels to appear appealing in hotel room interior design to attract guests. Hotels also need to have a unique hotel room style. Hotel renovation projects are including beautifying the hotel interiors too. So main contractors or sub-contractors awarded contracts for their expertise by the hotels. It is up to the hotel management to determine how many contractors they will work with. Hotels may also decide to task one organization as a main contractor for the entire contract project. Organizations manufacturing hotel interior decoration textiles also may work as sub-contractor. In most cases, the contractor organization gets the design and product requirements and handles the execution of the task. Sometimes, the contractor can handle the entire job on its own if it sees fit. It is possible that there are constraints due to which the contractor can’t perform the job on its own. There can be the issue of tight deadlines or shortage of resources for the contractor. The contractor hires subcontractors to perform portions of the project in such cases. The subcontractor gets the appropriate guidelines to work on by the contractor. These can be the design and material requirements in the case of hotel interior textiles. The textile production consists of two parts. That are design and manufacturing. It is possible that the main contractor takes up only the designing of the textiles. The manufacturing is then tasked to a suitable subcontractor. The contractor is then responsible for getting the best outcome from the subcontractor.

Teotex’s reputable standing

Teotex has worked on various hotel textile production projects in the last 22 years. We have a vast experience in performing contract and subcontract work. This matches our great record of executing the hotel textile projects that we have taken. Our unique approach enables us to meet the deadlines while ensuring high quality that is a must for the hospitality industry. Our great reputation is down to our flawless manufacturing processes for hotel textiles. Our talented designers also ensure top results in hotel room renovation projects that we undertake. Our complete design and manufacturing contracts have also given us a high standing. Our impeccable record makes us a reliable option for your textile base needs in hospitality industry.

Meeting the High Standards

Teotex’s reputation is down to the fact that we understand the demands of our clients. The quality requirements of hotel textiles are quite demanding. The quality standard of hotel textiles also has impact on the amount of their usage. Hotel furniture gets a lot more usage than any household furniture. Therefore, hotels value the durability of their interiors. With high quality interior, hotels ensures low maintenance costs. In other words, hotels expect their contractors to focus on maintaining high standards. Our collaborations with hotels over the years have produced high quality textiles. Our wide collection of fabric suits the attributes required for hotel textiles. We manufacture textiles that are resistant to abrasion, fire, and UV light.

Design for Hotel Textile Contract Projects

Another important aspect of textile design for hotels is ensuring an aesthetic design. Clients expect contractors and subcontractors to be creative in the design process. The creative ideas of our clients start our design process. We have a vast range of colors and designs for our clients to choose from. Based on your preferred aesthetic theme, we give you the best possible design. Our talented team can create fusions of colors and designs to fit your requirements. It is also essential for contractors to ensure comfort for the end users. We don’t compromise on comfort despite producing durable and appealing textiles. We guarantee a relaxing experience for the guests at your hotels with our textiles. Our ultimate goal is the satisfaction of our clients. We take full responsibility of our products from design to installation. This method of working helps in the proper realization of our vision for each project.

A Variety of Textile Products

We provide contract services to hotels for various applications. Our products have all the hallmarks of a classy and comfortable hotel room. From window coverings to bed throws, we produce everything found in a modern hotel room. Bed linens are an important part of textiles for hotels. They have to appear attractive as well as be comfortable for the end users. The material selection for bed linens has to be very thoughtful. This is because the material has to cater for the design as well as the comfort requirements. This combines with the design of throws and blankets to set the mood for the guests. We offer a variety of materials and designs that would be appropriate for your beds. Teotex also produces various curtain designs for its clients. Each client has its own requirements for the type of atmosphere they want to create. The amount of lighting in the room influences that atmosphere. Our material selection and designs allow us to produce the type of curtains you want for your rooms. Sometimes upholstery fabric and cushions need to blend in with the rest of the room. They can also be vibrant to create contrast with the rest of the elements. Here at Teotex we ensure that the upholstery fabric design reflects your room's theme. The material selection is also appropriate, to ensure its durability.

A Solid Choice for Production Contracts

For over 20 years Teotex has been producing high-quality textiles. Our products are the most reliable in the industry. As contractors we work to ensure that our textiles are durable and appealing. We also guarantee the utmost comfort with our considerate manufacturing processes. Feel free to contact Teotex Textile for guaranteed results.

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