Hotel Bedding Supplies

Hotel Bedding Supplies

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Teotex designs all the textiles present in a modern hotel room. These include curtains, cushions, and upholstery fabrics for hotel rooms. Hotel bedding supplies are also part of our wide range of products. We produce bed-linens, throws, bed skirts, pillow covers, and duvet covers for hotels.

Hotel Bedding Supplies

Since 1997, Teotex Textile has been a prominent producer of hotel textiles. Our innovative interior textile designs have been quite well received. Our unique working methods have helped our reputation to grow. Over the years, our great management has also contributed to our success. Teotex designs all the textiles present in a modern hotel room. These include curtains, cushions, and upholstery fabrics for hotel rooms. Hotel bedding supplies are also part of our wide range of products. We produce bed-linens, throws, bed skirts, pillow covers, and duvet covers for hotels.

Manufacturing Comfortable Bed Textiles

The most important feature of any bed is the level of comfort that it offers. Ensuring the guests' comforts is essential for hotels. Thus, the manufacturers’ responsibility to ensure that its textiles fulfill this criterion. Teotex’s manufacturing process of the bedding textiles guarantees utmost comfort and quality. Teotex offers its clients a wide selection of fabrics. We help you select the most suitable fabric for your bedding supplies.


Hotel owners want different hotel bed textiles based on the type of customers they want to attract. The general weather conditions and geographical location of hotels also influences their choices. Each textile component of the room effects the mood of the guests. The bed occupies the largest space in the room. It is often the first thing the guests look at when they enter the room. It is absolutely necessary to create a good first impression. In bed linens, the thread count is a very important factor in determining that. Ranging from 150 to 1000, the thread count effects the look of the linen. It also effects the overall feeling of the linen. Higher the thread count, more luxurious feeling is the texture of the bed linen. Sheets with a higher thread count are softer and fuller. Another important consideration for thread count is the climate where hotel located. In warmer locations, lower thread counts are preferred to create a cooler feeling. Based on your choice, Teotex ensures the right selection of thread count for your bed textile. This guarantees that we manufacture the ideal linens for our clients.


Duvets add a touch of class to a typical hotel bed. They are also an essential component of hotel rooms in colder regions. Teotex’s duvet cover designs ensure incredible comfort levels for the guests. Based on your requirements, we choose the most suitable thread count for your duvet covers. We also guarantee that the choice of fabric is exactly according to your needs.

Top Quality Fabric Selection for Hotel Room Bed Textiles

It is important for hotel managements to save on maintenance costs. The interior setup of hotels is planned taking that into account. This also applies to the textiles, and especially to bedding supplies. Bedding supplies for hotels have to be durable. The bed linens in particular have to be frequently washed due to their high usage. This can cause low quality textiles to get damaged. Certain rules have to be followed while manufacturing hotel bedding supplies to make them durable. Teotex’s bed textiles are made using the right balance of materials. This makes them durable, comfortable, and breathable.

A Wide Range of Designs and Patterns

Teotex offers you a variety of stylistic choices for your bedding supplies. The aesthetic theme of the interior textiles is as important as their quality. Teotex understands the various factors required for an attractive design. Each hotel has a different aesthetic theme that its management wants fulfilled. This applies the most to the beds, as they are the biggest presence in the room.

Bed Linens : Plain White or Patterned White?

Bed linens for hotels are traditionally plain white. However, some hotels are now switching to patterned white sheets as well. Adding a pattern gives an artistic expression to a particular textile. It can add a subtle prominence to its otherwise dull appearance. The same goes for pillow covers. Based on several factors, adding patterns to them can enhance their look. Teotex offers a wide range of patterns for you to add to your linens and pillow covers. Teotex makes sure the design output matches your preferred creative theme for your bedding supplies.

Bed Skirts and Throws

Our bedding products are not just limited to linens and covers for pillows and duvets. Teotex also offers to design elegant bed skirts and throws for its clients. Skirts are often attached to beds to add a touch of sophistication. A careful pattern selection for its skirt can give your bed a majestic look. Skirts can also have a darker color to add some contrast. This can further enhance the appearance of the bed. Teotex presents its clients a vast choice of patterns for their bed skirts. We manufacture the best suited designs of your bed skirts.

Throws adds the Luxury feeling of bedding textile

To add a luxurious look to their beds, most hotels also opt for throws. The need for throws can also arise for protecting the linen, or due to the climatic conditions. Its material choice is influenced by its need. Teotex produces the perfect throws for your hotel rooms depending on their requirements. We also feature attractive designs and colors for the throws to choose from. Teotex’s capable team of designers can custom design bedding supplies for your hotel. We highly value our clients’ creative input. We blend designs and colors to achieve the most appealing look for your bedding textiles. Whether it is consistency or contrast that you want, we at Teotex design bedding supplies exactly as you want them.

Choose Innovation and Reliability with Teotex for Bedding Supplies of Your Hotel

Over the years, Teotex Textile has garnered a great reputation for its work with the hospitality industry. A major part of our functioning is understanding our clients’ needs. With our creative prowess, we design the best bedding supplies for our clients. We have a collection of incredible designs and patterns for our clients to choose from. We work diligently to select the best fabrics, designs and colors for each component of the bedding supplies for our clients.


Our extraordinary work has led us to work with some of the best hotels in the world. We not only ensure appealing designs for your beds, but also guarantee comfort for the end users. Our bedding supplies are made keeping in view their high usage. That is why we also ensure that they are long-lasting. By choosing Teotex, you are guaranteed innovative and reliable results. So for acquiring top-notch bedding supplies for your hotels rooms, contact Teotex Textile today.

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